The Zen of home buying

I was running through a light rain last week on my way from my office to the Safeway. As I ran with my shoulders hunched, my eyes squinting, and my head down, it occurred to me that whether I hunched my shoulders or not, I was still going to get equally as wet. So I raised my head, lowered my shoulders and opened my eyes. I did keep jogging along…but the process of getting wet was a whole lot more comfortable…and almost enjoyable. I didn’t particularly enjoy being wet at the Safeway, so that of course, became a different Zen exercise.

So it is with the home buying process. There are going to be bumps along the way between ratifying a contract, and actually going to settlement. Sometimes there will be big bumps, but all of them are like raindrops of stress. (Maybe some are even hail stones of stress!). In any case, even if you do get wet from the stress, you might find the process more comfortable if you acknowledge the near certainty of stressful events, and allow yourself to relax through them. Most of the time your Realtor, your loan officer and/or your settlement attorney will help you figure out how to do that. And if the hailstones get too big…call me!

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