Beware of BIG furniture!

Houses Get Smaller but Furniture Remains Big...from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune

The declining size of U.S. homes hasn’t resulted in a decline in the appeal of plus-size furniture.

Online retailers such as Oversize Furniture, Living XL, and Brylane Home specialize in outfitting the homes of large-size customers, providing extra-wide seats and increased support. Other furniture makers are subtler, making furniture that is a little bigger without calling attention to it, retailers say.

This trend won’t last forever either, predicted Jerry Underwood, director of marketing for HOM Furniture. He said big traditional furniture appeals to baby boomers, but their echo boomer children like cleaner lines and smaller scale. "The big overstuffed [look] is going away rapidly," he said.

Source: Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Kim Palmer (10/20/2010)

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