Mad As Hell

It seems there is a lot of anger in the air.  The article linked below details many examples.  The writer doesn't mention real estate, but we have it in spades....sellers mad at buyers for not paying their price; buyers mad at sellers for not accepting their offer; clients mad at agents for not getting them what they think they deserve; agents mad at each other for being disrespectful; owners mad at contractors for not doing the job right; contractors mad at owners for not paying up....  and it goes on and on. 

There is always some level of anxiety and anger in this and other businesses.  But it seems particularly bad right now, and it is no doubt related to the larger issues of the world...unemployment, fear, debt, natural disasters, heat.  

To the extent we can find it in us to give others the benefit of the doubt, we can help ameliorate some of the anger.  Or at least can help do so in ourselves, which will inevitably spread to others.  The old idea of counting to 10 when angry seems pretty useful today.

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