Graduation as a means to hope.

I just got back from graduation at Hamilton College, where I heard Jeffrey R. Immelt, the CEO of GE, give the commencement address. It was reassuring to watch 500 students receive their degrees, to hear their leaders speak with optimism, and to listen to Mr. Immelt talk about the world as though it was a place he expects to continue to exist and improve...despite oil spills, war, economic trouble, etc.

Even better was to feel the energy of the students who are passionate and full of energy. All of that renews my faith in the future of our world; more specifically the Georgetown real estate world.

Here are a number of real estate related headlines which I ran across today, from which we can draw hope.

Fed researchers predict speedy economic recovery
Housing starts rise 5.8 percent in April
Home prices up for March
Homeowner confidence rises nationally
Optimistic outlook for housing, but challenges remain
Builder confidence continues to strengthen in May
Moody's home price outlook: distressed sales key to speed of recovery
Housing demand reflects job growth

Let me know if you would like to read the stories attached to these headlines. darrell@lnf.com

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